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“Educating tomorrow leaders”

“No two students are alike; just as no two Neshamas are alike”


As academic standards constantly change and evolve, our fine teachers regularly attend training workshops and seminars to maintain fluency in prevailing educational trends and techniques. By being on top of the field, Midrash, man Achai has developed a reputation as being a top-notch college preparatory high school.

Our talented and warm teachers explain the wonders of mathematics, science, and the English language in a simple, yet sophisticated manner. Midrash ;man Achai has a state-of-the-art computer laboratory, library of modern textbooks, assortment of new instructional materials, modern science equipment, and teaching guides. Our students are being served the five star courses in secular education. All of our teachers are experts in dealing with questioning youths and can deal with many of their issues in addition to the academics

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Rabbi Kleinman learning with a student


For more than 20 years Midrash L’man Achai has unboxed potential for Jewish teens. Here, Jewish boys, regardless of background or previous education, have a place to grow and cultivate an unshakeable Jewish identity.

By combining a rich Jewish curriculum with top secular regent-accreditation, Midrash L’man Achai is the ideal choice for those seeking to succeed in education and their future careers, while gaining an understanding of the traditions and tenets of Judaism.

Drawing from his expertise as a life-long educator, Rabbi Kleinman designed an educational approach that meets the needs of each individual at their level. Giving every student an independent toolbox to succeed. And unbox education to let their Neshama soar. With no more than 15 students per teacher, each day is charged with the ability and attention to excel.

With a warm, family-like atmosphere, students build close relationships with Rebbeim, who ultimately become their role models. This relationship is the basis for much of the emotionally honest and transparent mentoring found in the Midrash, ultimately empowering alumni as leaders and teachers, who, in turn, inspire future generations.

Today, you can invest in the kind of education that every student deserves. One of a kind.
Join now to help Midrash L’man Achai continue to unbox the power of the Neshama for every student.


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Sports and supplementary activities provide hours of fun and enjoyment to the school experience. Our organized extracurricular program polishes off our educational approach.

Midrash Lman Achai has a modern-equipped school gym and organizes team sports and gymnastics. The extra-curricular activities encourage many teens with athletic and creative talents to attend Midrash Lman Achai and feel a sense of confidence in their abilities.

Midrash Lman Achai organizes exciting Shabbatonim, holiday programs, Jewish activities, and craft workshops. Known Jewish personalities occasionally visit the school to relay them experiences, knowledge and warm. These Jewish extracurricular activities help to convey a strong message about the relevance of Judaism in t o d a y; s world.


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